2003 | Kaffed

The Federation of the Caucasian Associations, Principles

The following is an excerpt from the Principles of the Federation of the Caucasian Associations (Kaffed)

Kaffed supports the right of peoples all around the world to live their historical cultures. Kaffed considers genocide as a crime against humanity.

Kaffed considers the diversity of languages and cultures as a richness of humanity. Kaffed is against political assimilation that aims at eliminating such a diversity. Kaffed defends the idea that each individual has a right to live in her culture, to practice her religion, and to use her language without any interference and discrimination. Kaffed works for the recognition and further development of all human rights as defined by international conventions.

Kaffed considers 21 May as the symbol of the genocide and exile commiteed against the Circassian people, and calls upon the recognition of the historical truth.

Kaffed defends the right to return of all peoples deported from their homeland.

Kaffed supports all initiatives aimed at the recognition of the right to return to the homeland of all Circassians, and at elimination of all legal and practical problems hindering their repatriation

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