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Kaffed Press Release, 2012

21 May... The anniversary of the Circassian Genocide and Exile. The Circassians have developed a unique language and culture in their homeland, the Caucasus, where they have lived since time immortal. Although the Circassians defended their country and freedom for many centuries, a genocide was committed against them, and they were deported en masse from their homeland as a result of the colonialist policies of the Czarist Russia and other imperial states.

In spite of all oppression, dispersion and sufferings, they have survived and protected their identity. This is why 21 May expresses the vital resistance of the Circassian people. It is a day of resistance, uprising, and resurrection. It is Circassia's struggle for revival.

21 May is the day we call the international community to hear sufferings and pains inflicted on our people.

21 May is the day that enlightens our vision to protect our national-cultural identity.

We will meet to commemorate for the Circassian Genocide and Exile Day, and for all those who lost their lives during genocide and exodus, in Istanbul/Besiktas on May 20, 2012, Sunday, at 16:00.

We invite all those Circassians and the friends of Circassians, who feel and share the sorrow of genocide and exile, to be together for the commemoration of the Circassian Genocide and Exile.