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John T. Baddeley
The Rugged Flanks of the Caucasus, Volume 1, Oxford University Press London: Humphrey Milford 1940

When, on the 16th of February 1940, at Oxford, John Baddelel died, this book was ready for the press. His good friend Sir Charles Hagberg Wright was asked to write a foreword and was already at work on it when he too died. The finished memoir to his friend which follows was to have been contributed to the pages of Georgica and was probably the last article he ever wrote.

We have before us a thing of beauty, adorned with clear maps, fine plates which were drawn by the iuthor himself, written in a simple, scholarly way and revised again and again with a keen sense for accuracy and--felicity of phrase. It is the pioduct of many years, based on carefully kept diaries, and is a worthy monument to its author, who had earlier made his mark by two first-rate works: Russla, Mongolia, and China (1919), on which the Gold Medal of the Royal Geographical socieiy-(now at his old school, wellington) was conferred, and The Russian conguest of the Caucasus (1908).

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